Addictive and creative fun for everybody. Get this awesome combination of puzzle and dexterity game today. Everybody can solve a puzzle game by moving the tiles by hand in no time, but can you also do it quickly when you have to balance a ball at the same time and use this ball to select the tiles?

An exciting race for the best spots in the high-score list is guaranteed in this unique game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The available upgrades allow you to use any picture from your device or by using the camera on the iPhone.



*) An easy to use menu with integrated help

*) 9 images, especially suited for this game, sothat you have easy, moderate and tough challenges available
*) Fully animated ball with realistic physics and sound
*) Individual high-score lists for all built-in images



*) 45 extra images can be purchased for a small amount. These also use the high-score list
*) Camera option for the iPhone. You will always have a picture available. How about a
picture of your family or maybe your car?
*) Image library - Access to your images on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch