Safe Companion

Easy, safe and straightforward to use.

Each PIN card consists of 40 fields. There are 4 colors, which are present exactly 10 times in a card.

The application will fill out the rest of the fields, after you have selected your 4 fields. The result will be a card with the digits 0 to 9, each digit occurring 4 times exactly. You have to remember your digits location using either color, position or both as a guideline.

The digits you have entered will of course not be remembered on their own. Hence there is no way the application can tell you where your digits are stored, if you should forget it. So be sure, that you will remember or keep a copy of the PIN code in a very safe place also.













Safe Companion has some very nice extra features:
- Password suggestions
- Shake gesture to shuffle the colors
- Each card will have a name you can choose
- Symbols instead of colors can be chosen at any time in the settings, if you like that better or if you are colorblind