Manage your passwords, notes, locations, links and much more in one place with the security built-in. Share information securely and organize your content.

Features Highlights

  • Share your content encrypted
  • Manage passwords
  • 4-digit PIN number Cards
  • Manage iTunes items
  • Lookup EAN / GTIN
  • Scan and create code tags, such as QR, PDF-147, Aztec
  • Scan and create barcodes

Security Information
No personal information nor content is shared unless the user actively uses the sharing feature on selected content.
Passwords are stored in the Keychain. All other content is AES-256 encrypted on the device. Content can be shared using RSA 2048bit encryption with public key exchange.
All internet connections are using SSL transport security except iTunes Artwork delivered by Apple.

The App does not use Ads. Ad providers scan App content to deliver targeted Ads. This would compromise content security.


Quick Guide

Safe Companion Pro consists of four main sections: Secure Vault, Items, Contacts and Settings. You can access these sections using the tap-bar at the bottom of the screen.

In General

All of the main pages or sections of Safe Companion Pro consists of list of entries. Each entry can be selected to get more details. You can also swipe an entry from left to right. All entries can be deleted by the menu item appearing when sliding. Most entries can also be viewed as code tags.
When you have more than one item or contact in a view, you are able to tap the multi-selection on the top right. The selection mode will offer you to select all, move items into a group, delete all selected and share the selected entries. You can shake the device to deselect all the selected entries.

Secure Vault

The vault can hold passwords and Pin Cards. Create a new entry by pressing the ‘+’ button and chose among the option in the selection view that appears.
Passwords are either manually entered text or randomly generated, where you can set various options. The random password shown in the top swipe-selection will be the one that is stored. You can also tap on the password to copy it to the clipboard right away.
A note on the clipboard: Copying passwords to the clipboard is convenient, but this is not considered highly secure, even though Apple has implemented the secure shared clipboard. Any other App can get the content of the clipboard.
Pin Cards allow you to place four digits anywhere on a 4 by 10 grid. Use the position and the colors to remember where you placed the pin code. The rest of the grid is filled with digits when you are done entering your four digits.
A Pin Card will always have four times each digit from 0 to 9. So nobody can guess your secret pin by the occurrences of digits.
Any vault item can have an custom image assigned to it. Just tap on the placeholder on the left side of the item and select your image from the photos library or take a photo using your camera. When the vault item already has an image, then just tap on it in order to replace it.
You can re-order vault items by long pressing on an item and the drag it to the desired place in the list
All items and the images are stored encrypted on your device.


Safe Companion Pro currently supports text, web links, locations, iTunes items and products.
iTunes items can be any item from iTunes or the App Store. Please select your local store in the settings before adding iTunes items.
Products are added by entering a number, which can be an EAN or GTIN. Safe Companion Pro uses the openly available Outpan site to search for products. Not all products are available on Outpan, so you will likely see an “unknown product”.
When selection an item, you will get to the item details. Web Links and text can be edited and the name can be changed by tapping on the title in the editor view.
Items can be shared with other Safe Companion Pro Apps or you can share specific content in general, such as QR code tags.
You can scan code tags and barcodes with the camera. Select the option in the ‘+’ menu for adding items or long press on the ‘Items’ tab at the bottom of the view.
iTunes items added to your list will enable you to make QR code tags and distribute these. When adding items, you can search for Apps, books, music, movies, TV series, podcasts, etc. Just enter a name, product ID code or ISBN code in the search field and press the search button or press enter on the keyboard. Found items are sorted by date, with the most recent published on top. Select any number of items and press the checkmark on the top right to add these to your library.
iTunes item details will allow you to search for related items and you are able to refresh the items, by updating from iTunes.


Add contacts manually or by importing them from your device contacts. One or more contacts can be exported in the vCard format by sharing them.
Notice when you tap a contact and go to the item details, that there is a section called “Public Exchange Key”. It is indicated here, when you have assigned a public encryption key to this contact. A key can be scanned from another person, when he shares his key, which is found in the settings section under “You”. The public keys are completely save to share with anyone, even posting them online somewhere.
Once a key is associated with a contact, you can select that contact when sharing items and select “encrypted for contact”. Only the Safe Companion Pro App, which was the creator of the key, can decrypt the items you share using the public exchange key.


The “You” item contains your public exchange key. Distribute this in any form to other users of Safe Companion Pro, or even use it to exchange encrypted items with your other iOS devices.
The “Security” item allows you to restrict access to the App. Enable any or all options. If more than one option is enabled, the access is authorised using the top method first, then the next and so on, until all fail and the App exists or one succeeds and you gain access to the App.
In the “Secure Vault” item you can enable whether or not authentication is required before being able to view passwords in the secure vault section.
The “Code Tag” item allows you to specify the error correction level for generating QR code tags and other codes where a correction level is relevant. The more error correction you require, the larger and more complex a code tag will become.
In the “iTunes” item you specify the store in which you would like to search and use the built-in iTunes store front. In general you will need to set this to your own country.


Groups can be created in the items section and in contacts. You can go into a group and add more items. These new items will appear in this group.
When you mass select items, then you can use the “move to group” button and select a group to move the items into. You can also select to create a new group on the fly or select to move the items out into the main section, if you already are inside a group.
Inside a group, you can tap the title to change the groups name.

QR Codes and Barcodes

When selecting the “code” menu item while swiping an entry, you will get to the code tag view. Here you are able to select among all code tags and barcodes available for the type of content you have selected. Select the type of code in the bottom of the view and when there are more code tags available then you are able to swipe left for more. Once you have found and selected the code tag you desire, press the sharing button on the top right to export the code as an image.
Notice, that the content of the code tag can be encrypted, when you have a contact with a public exchange key.